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Co-Curricular Activities

Music Academy
A dedicated music academy is set up to help the talented students to cultivate and perform their taste and talent in music. We are committed to groom every promising student in his/ her desired field.

Games and Sports Academy

ENGIS offers a dedicated academy to the field of games and sports where the students are facilitated with Swimming Pool, Pool Table, Archery, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, etc.
Physical education is a parallel education which aims the wholesome development of a child. At ENGIS, to promote health and wellness we offer a variety of programs including Yoga, Martial Arts, Callisthenic and Plyometric exercises to help the students live physically fit.

Art and Crafts Academy

ENGIS puts its step further to find and cultivate the talents of this generation in the field of art and crafts where the students will exert their perfection in painting, craft making, etc.

Personality Development Programs

There are many negative ideals we have in our society like shyness, arrogance, and outspokenness. The fact is that they didn't get training under the guidance of sympathetic personality trainers. Personality training is very important today. We have exclusive personality training facility in our school which is the necessity of every student to develop as an inviting personality and to be confident.

Mental and Medical Care

The school is well-equipped with necessary medical facilities to meet with any emergency situation. Apart from this, we at ENGIS provide regular physical and mental assessment to the students with the collaboration of world-class service Providers.